Who Are We?

The League of Women Voters, founded by Carrie Chapman Catt, is a citizen’s organization that has been going strong since 1920. Members of the League of Women Voters work to inform and educate voters and to make government more accessible and responsive to citizens.

The League operates at three levels, national, state and local. There are more than 800 state and local leagues in all 50 states as well as DC, the Virgin Islands and Hong Kong.

The League is nonpartisan. We neither support nor oppose candidates or political parties. However, we are political and are well-known for hosting candidate forums. We believe that the public should hear from the candidates who will be representing them on important issues.

Nonpartisan does not mean that we lack opinions. Our advocacy is based on our positions. After considerable research and study and with member agreement, the League forms positions on important issues. It is from these positions that the League takes action.

The League is committed to keeping Democracy Strong!

2016 – 2017
President: Stephanie Malaney
Vice President / Programs: Gayle Hardt
Vice President / Voter Services: Jacqueline Klimeszewski
Secretary: Cindy Fallona
Treasurer: Barbara Kelly
Legislative / Newsletter: Penny Robinson
Membership: Elizabeth Laux
Jeanne Roberts
Joan Schneider

Nominating Committee 2016-17
Sue Eich, Member at Large
Elizabeth Laux, Board Member
Jeanne Roberts, Board Member
Shirley Strange, Chair, Member at Large
Irene Strohbeen, Member at Large