Ways You Can Help Defend Democracy

1. Know your legislators

2. Advocate to Safeguard Healthcare for ALL, Call your U.S. Representative

AARP states TEN benefits of the ACA on their website.  AARP Website
The League of Women Voters supported the ACA based on the Healthcare Position the League has held since 1993, See Position

3. Learn about local issues. Attend a City Council Meeting, County Board Meeting, School Board Meeting. See time and locations here.

4. Join your Local League, League of Women Voters of Appleton

5. Know Reliable Investigative Reporting Sources…Bill Moyers recommends Ten Reliable Sources

6. Keep Informed of  State Government Activity with The Wheeler Report

The Wheeler Report is a legislative news service covering the Wisconsin legislature. The daily emailed subscriber report tracks all legislation introduced; including bill referrals, hearing notices, executive session action, floor action, and action by the Governor.

7. Be sure you are Registered to VOTE